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Buy Phyllostachys Sagittata (Zadu Plant/Broom Plant) - Add a Unique Touch to Your Garden Today!

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Rs. 99.00
Common name:
Zadu Plant, Broom Plant
Regional name:
Marathi - Zadu Plan
Bamboos Grasses & Grass like plants, Shrubs, Water & Aquatic Plants
Gramineae or Grass family
Sun growing, Semi shade
Normal, Can tolerate less, Can tolerate more
Primarily grown for:
Flowering season:
January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December, Flowers are inconspicuous
Foliage color:
Plant Height or length:
2 to 4 meters
Plant Spread or Width:
2 to 4 meters
Plant Form:
Spreading, Upright or Erect
Special Character:
  • Indigenous (native to India)
  • Auspicious or Feng Shui plant
  • Good for Cut flowers
  • Good for Cut foliage
  • Good for screening
  • Good for Hedges and Borders
  • Suitable for road median planting
  • Hanging or weeping growth habit
Generally available in India in quantities of:
Less than a hundred

Plant Description:

A wild plant from the Khasia hills of north eastern India. The plants grow to over two meters tall. Plants form elegant clumps. Can be used as spot shrubs, planted next to water bodies or made into borders.

Growing tips:

Plants grow well in most soils however they prefer deep sandy loams. Soils with plenty of organic matter are excellent. Plants burst into bloom during or immediately after the monsoon. The stems can be cut at soil level and used for either fillers with or without bloom. Adds a grass like look to the landscape. They should be planted where there are no mjor restrictions on space as the clumps can get quite big with time. They can of course be trimmed and kept small.