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Buy Orange Plume Flowers - Mexican Honeysuckle (Justicia spicigera or Jovobina spicigera) - Firecracker Plant - Mohintli Plant Online

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Common name:
Mexican Honeysuckle, Firecracker Plant, Orange Plume Flower, Mohintli
Acanthaceae or Crossandra or Thunbergia family
Sun growing, Semi shade, Shade growing
Normal, Can tolerate more
Primarily grown for:
Flowering season:
Year-around flowering, Flowers in flushes throughout the year
Flower or Inflorescence color:
Foliage color:
Plant Height or length:
1 to 2 meters
Plant Spread or Width:
1 to 2 meters
Plant Form:
Spreading, Upright or Erect

Plant Description:

-Justicia spicigera, also known as "Mexican Heather," is a small flowering shrub native to Mexico and Central America. It is an evergreen shrub that grows to a height of about 1-2 feet, with slender, branching stems and small, oval-shaped leaves. The flowers are small and tubular, and are typically shades of pink, purple, or white. They are often grown as houseplants or in outdoor gardens in warm climates, and are known for their ability to tolerate drought and neglect. They prefer well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade, and should be watered regularly but not allowed to sit in standing water. They are also sensitive to frost and should be protected from cold temperatures.

Growing tips:

Justicia spicigera is a flowering plant native to Mexico and Central America. It is also known as the Mexican honeysuckle or hummingbird bush. The plant is prized for its bright orange or red flowers, which are attractive to hummingbirds. It is a relatively easy plant to care for and can be grown in a variety of soil types as long as they are well-draining. Here are a few tips for caring for Justicia spicigera:

  • Plant Justicia spicigera in an area with full sun to partial shade.
  • Water the plant regularly, making sure to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.
  • Fertilize the plant monthly with a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth and flowering.
  • Prune the plant regularly to encourage new growth and maintain a desired shape.
  • Protect the plant from freezing temperatures, as it is not frost-tolerant. In cold climates, it is best to grow Justicia spicigera in a container that can be brought indoors during the winter.

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions about caring for Justicia spicigera.



Justicia spicigera is a popular flowering plant that is known for its bright orange or red flowers and attractive appearance. In addition to its ornamental value, the plant has a few other benefits:

  • Attracts hummingbirds: The bright flowers of Justicia spicigera are a popular nectar source for hummingbirds, making it a great plant to have in the garden if you want to attract these birds.

  • Low maintenance: Justicia spicigera is generally easy to care for and does not require much attention. It is drought-tolerant and can survive with minimal watering, making it a good choice for busy gardeners or those who live in areas with limited water resources.

  • Versatile growth: Justicia spicigera can be grown in a variety of soil types and can tolerate a range of temperatures, making it a versatile plant that can be grown in many different areas.

  • Medicinal properties: Some people believe that Justicia spicigera has medicinal properties and use it to treat a variety of ailments. However, it is important to note that the medicinal uses of this plant have not been extensively studied and it is not recommended to use it as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

I hope these benefits are helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions about Justicia spicigera.