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Our Story

Kadiyam wholesale plant Nursery is an organization of a family business. We have been in the wholesale plant, landscaping and garden supplies for about 39 years now. We know plants and flowers for what they are and what they can do, and we are proud to have an inventory that is worth more than $10 million.

We commit to continue providing high-quality products with competitive prices as well as great customer service because we know that's what our customers expect. Our goal is to provide for the needs of all our customers, from professionals in the horticulture industry to beginner gardeners.

At Kadiyam wholesale plant Nursery, we are eager to serve you with these qualities: A family-owned business with a history of providing customer service and quality products.We are committed to offering competitive prices for the horticulture industry.Our goal is to provide for all our customer's needs, from professional in the horticulture industry to beginner gardeners.We want you to know that we are a family-owned business and have been in operation since 1983.I'm glad that you found us!