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Kadiyam Coconut Nursery and How it is the World's Most Unique Tree Nursery

Kadiyam is a large-scale tree nursery with a coconut plantation. The nursery was established in 1983 and covers an area of 1,21,000 sqft.

Kadiyam has a coconut nursery that is home to the largest number of coconut types in the world.

The Kadiyam Coconut Nursery and How It Is the World's Most Unique Tree Nursery

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Introduction: What is Kadiyam Coconut Nursery?

Kadiyam Coconut Nursery is a nursery that specializes in fruit trees and coconut palms.

Kadiyam Coconut Nursery has been around for more than 40 years and it is the most innovative in its field. They are located in India and their mission is to create awareness about this super fr

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What Makes Kadiyam Coconut Nursery So Unique?

Kadiyam Coconut Nursery was established in the year 2016 by Sam Kadiyam and his father, who had the dream of planting a coconut nursery that would be a model to the world.

The nursery is characterized by innovative design, which includes features such as shade trees, and has become a popular tourist spot.

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Coconut Tree Planting Process at Kadiyam Coconut Nursery

In the traditional coconut planting process where palms are planted in a row, the Kadiyam Coconut Nursery follows a different method. It starts with planting in rectangular form and then plants like a rain tree.

First they plant the palms at intervals of 8x8 meters and then alternates them throughout the plantation. This pattern increases the efficiency of use of water, fertilizer and soil nutrients.

This is one example where Kadiyam uses eco-friendly methods to grow coconuts for sustainable development.

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Conclusion: A One-of-a-Kind Adventure for Plant Lovers

Kadiyam Nursery is an award-winning nursery with a mission to make this world better.

In the face of rapid growth, Kadiyam Nursery has been thinking about how it can make its operation more sustainable. The decision was made on two fronts: reducing the environmental footprint and exploring new avenues for business in order to meet customer demand.

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