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Kadiyam Nursery Farmers- Innovators in Sustainable Agriculture - Kadiyam Nursery

Kadiyam Nursery Farmers- Innovators in Sustainable Agriculture

Kadiyam Nursery Farmers, who have been growing flowers and produce for over thirty years in the Kadiyam village of Andhra Pradesh, are now also innovating sustainable agriculture.

In a region that is witnessing increasing deforestation, these farmers have turned to alternative subsistence practices to keep them in business. The most notable one is the cultivation of pineapple crops in the area.

This has gone on to become a successful venture for the Kadiyam Nursery Farmers, as they are able to provide employment and livelihood opportunities for many people in their villages.


Kadiyam Nursery Farmers are pioneers in sustainable agriculture. They have provided a platform for farmers to grow their own crops without the use of pesticides.

Kadiyam Nursery Farmers provide their customers with a platform for organic farming. The company supports organic cultivation of trees, fruit and vegetables by training farmers, supplying seeds and giving them access to the knowledge of what is required for organic farming.

Kadiyam Nursery Farmers not only provide food but also provide employment opportunities at their farms as well as sources of livelihood for the rural poor.

They are also working on creating an international brand which will enable them to sell products internationally and make a difference in other countries as well. Kadiyam Nursery Farmers is trying make farming more sustainable through their efforts at conservation and protection of biodiversity, promoting natural remedies rather than pesticides, developing organic markets and fair trade practices along with the promotion of low impact eco-friendly agriculture methods like drip irrigation, permaculture etc.

How Kadiyam's Innovations have Changed the Way We Grow Plants

Today, Kadiyam is the world’s leading producer of nursery plants. The company provides a sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to agriculture by using a closed loop cultivation system and organic fertilizers.

With this technique, we can grow produce in closed systems that emit no carbon dioxide or other pollutants. This means that we can avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides altogether while yielding the same quality produce.

Kadiyam's Innovative Practices for Tackling Challenges in Plant Growth

Kadiyam’s Innovative Practices for Tackling Challenges in Plant Growth

Plant food, environmental pollution, and sustainability are major challenges that Kadiyam is tackling. Kadiyam is a young start-up firm based in India. It provides sustainable solutions for urban farming with the help of biotic – biological and abiotic technologies.

The biotic technology includes controlled plant growth through fermentation and composting of organic waste to produce plant food.

Their abiotic technology includes designing systems for water recycling, solar energy harvesting, water collection, soil management and other related things.

Kadiyam has designed several such models of farming which run on renewable energy sources like sun power or wind power to provide fresh produce at affordable prices to urbanites in India’s metros such as Delhi-NCR region and Bengaluru-Mysuru region.

What You Should Know About Kadiyam nursery Growing Techniques

Kadiyam Nursery is the Garden of Eden in India and it has the potential to revolutionize sustainable horticulture in India.

We all know that there are different techniques for farming that can be classified as either conventional or sustainable. Sustainable horticulture is becoming a more popular approach because it balances economic growth with environmental preservation, while conventional farming often relies heavily on chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers which have a negative impact on our environment and health.

One such technique is village farming, where farmers grow crops such as vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals and medicinal plants in their own backyards or farms for subsistence purposes. Village Farming also takes into account the livelihood needs of women at one end and food security at another end which makes it different from other types of agriculture techniques like green farming where organic practices are used to produce food for commercial purposes only.

Kadiyam Nursery Village Farming technique is the most common type of sustainable horticulture in India, which means that

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