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Adiantum trapeziforme Satin Dwarf | The Compact & Satiny Maiden Hair Fern Perfect for Small Spaces

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Common name:
Maiden Hair Fern, Compact Form, Satin Fern
Regional name:
Marathi - Hansraj, Hindi - Hansraj, Gujarati - Hanspadi, Kannada - Pursha, Punjabi - Gunkiri, Sanskrit - Brahmadani, Tamil - Mayisikki.
Ferns, Indoor Plants, Groundcovers
Polypodiaceae or Fern family

Adiantum trapeziforme 'Satin Dwarf' is a type of fern that is known for its delicate, lacy leaves and satiny texture. This plant is native to South America and is a popular choice for indoor gardens due to its low maintenance requirements and attractive appearance.


Adiantum trapeziforme 'Satin Dwarf' is easy to grow and does not require much space. It is best grown in a well-draining soil mix and prefers a humid environment. This fern can be grown in bright indirect light or low light conditions and should be watered regularly, but not overwatered.


Adiantum trapeziforme 'Satin Dwarf' is a low-maintenance plant and does not require much care. However, it is important to keep the soil moist, but not wet, and to provide adequate humidity, especially during the winter months. The plant should be fertilized every two to three weeks during the growing season to promote healthy growth.


Adiantum trapeziforme 'Satin Dwarf' has several benefits, including its air-purifying properties. Ferns are known for their ability to absorb pollutants and chemicals from the air, making them a great choice for indoor gardens. Additionally, the satiny texture of this fern adds a unique and attractive touch to any indoor setting.

Overall, Adiantum trapeziforme 'Satin Dwarf' is a beautiful and low-maintenance plant that is well-suited for indoor gardens. Its air-purifying properties and attractive appearance make it a great choice for those looking for a unique and easy-to-care-for plant.