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Beautiful Canna Red Variegated - Canna malawiensis variegata rubra for Sale

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Common name:
Canna Red Variegated
Regional name:
Hindi - Sarvajjaya, Manipuri - Laphoorit, Marathi - Kardal, Kannada - Kalahu, Bengali - Sarbajaya, Konkani - Kele Phool
Shrubs, Groundcovers, Water & Aquatic Plants

Red Variegated Canna Lily Plant is a tropical plant that is native to South America and the Caribbean. This plant is known for its stunning red and green leaves that are variegated and for its bright orange or yellow flowers that bloom during the summer months.


Canna Lily Plant prefers to grow in a sunny location with well-drained soil. The plant should be planted in soil that is rich in organic matter and has a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. It is recommended to water the plant regularly to keep the soil moist.


Canna Lily Plant should be fertilized every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season. The plant may be divided every two to three years to keep it healthy and encourage new growth. The plant should also be cut back in the fall to help promote new growth in the spring.


Canna Lily Plant is known for its ornamental value and is often used in gardens, patios, and as container plants. The bright and colorful flowers and leaves of this plant are sure to brighten up any outdoor area. Additionally, this plant is also known to be a natural pest repellent and can help to keep away insects and pests from your garden or outdoor area.

In conclusion, Red Variegated Canna Lily Plant is a beautiful and vibrant plant that adds a tropical touch to any outdoor area. It is easy to grow and care for and provides numerous benefits, including its ornamental value and its ability to help keep away pests.