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Add Vibrant Color to Your Space with Our Beautiful Croton Plant for Sale

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Common name:
Croton Duck Foot
Regional name:
Marathi - Tishul Croton
Shrubs, Indoor Plants
Euphorbiaceae or Poinsettia family

Croton Duck Foot Plant, also known as Croton Petrccli, is a beautiful and unique species of Croton plant that is native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. This plant is characterized by its bright green leaves that are shaped like a duck's foot, hence its name.


Croton Duck Foot Plant is an easy to grow houseplant and can be grown in well-drained soil and high humidity. It can also be grown in a mix of peat moss, perlite, and sand. This plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight and can also grow well under fluorescent lights.


Croton Duck Foot Plant is relatively low maintenance, but it does need consistent care to keep it healthy. Here are some tips for caring for your Croton Duck Foot Plant:

  • Water: The soil should be kept moist but not waterlogged. Water the plant regularly, but allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.
  • Light: Place the plant in a bright, sunny location but protect it from direct sunlight, as this can cause sunburn.
  • Humidity: Croton Duck Foot Plant prefers high humidity, so you may need to mist it regularly or place a tray of water near the plant.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize the plant monthly during the growing season with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer.
  • Pruning: Prune the plant regularly to encourage new growth and maintain its shape.


Croton Duck Foot Plant not only adds a unique and attractive touch to your home decor, but it also has several benefits.

  • Air Purification: Croton Duck Foot Plant is known to remove harmful toxins from the air, making it a great choice for indoor air purification.
  • Decoration: The bright green leaves and unique shape of the plant make it a great decorative piece for your home or office.
  • Low Maintenance: Croton Duck Foot Plant is relatively low maintenance and easy to care for, making it a great choice for those who do not have a green thumb.
  • Stress Reliever: Studies have shown that indoor plants can have a calming effect and help to relieve stress.

In conclusion, the Croton Duck Foot Plant is a unique and beautiful species of Croton that is easy to grow, care for, and provides numerous benefits. If you're looking for a unique and low-maintenance houseplant, the Croton Duck Foot Plant is a great choice.