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Shop the Stunning Ruffled Fan Palm (Licuala grandis, Pritchardia Grandis, Palas Payung) Tree Online

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Rs. 99.00
Common name:
Pritchardia Grandis, Ruffled Fan Palm, Palas Payung
Regional name:
Marathi - Prichardia Palm
Palms and Cycads, Indoor Plants
Palmae or Coconut family
Sun growing, Semi shade, Shade growing
Normal, Can tolerate more
Primarily grown for:
Flowering season:
Flowers are inconspicuous
Flower or Inflorescence color:
White, Yellow
Foliage color:
Plant Height or length:
2 to 4 meters
Plant Spread or Width:
50 cms to 100 cms
Plant Form:
Spherical or rounded, Upright or Erect

Plant Description:

Licuala grandis, also known as the giant licuala palm or ruffled fan palm, is a tropical plant native to the rainforests of Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It is an attractive plant with large, dark green, deeply divided, fan-like leaves that are arranged in a circular pattern at the top of the stem. The leaves can reach up to 4 feet in diameter and have a ruffled or undulating edge. The plant itself can grow up to 20 feet tall.

Licuala grandis is a slow-growing plant and is suitable for growing in containers or in tropical gardens. It prefers a warm, humid climate and needs bright, indirect light. It should be protected from strong winds and direct sunlight. The plant requires well-draining soil and regular watering, but it is sensitive to over-watering, so be sure not to let the soil become waterlogged.

Licuala grandis is a relatively low-maintenance plant and is not prone to pests or diseases. However, it is sensitive to cold temperatures and may be damaged by frost, so it should be protected in areas with cool winters. Overall, it is a beautiful and unique plant that is well-suited to tropical gardens and makes a great addition to any plant collection.

Growing tips:

Licuala grandis, also known as the ruffled fan palm or Vanuatu fan palm, is a tropical plant native to the rainforests of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. The plant is known for its large, round, and fan-like leaves that can grow up to three feet in diameter.

When caring for a Licuala grandis plant, it is important to provide it with the proper lighting, humidity, and watering conditions. Here are a few tips on how to care for this plant:

  • Light: Licuala grandis prefers bright, indirect light. It can tolerate some direct sunlight, but too much can scorch the leaves. A location near a north or east-facing window is ideal.

  • Humidity: This plant prefers high humidity, so it's a good idea to place a tray of water near the plant or use a humidifier.

  • Watering: The plant prefers to be kept evenly moist, but not waterlogged. Water the plant when the top inch of soil is dry.

  • Soil: The plant prefers a well-draining, peaty soil mix.

  • Fertilizer: Feed the plant with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

  • Temperature: The plant prefers temperatures between 60-90°F (16-32°C).

It is worth noting that Licuala grandis is slow-growing, and can take many years to reach its full size and potential, if given proper care and growing condition.

It also important to protect it from cold temperatures, as they are not frost-tolerant, and if the temperature drops below freezing, the plant will die.

Please be aware that Licuala grandis are a bit rare, so it's important to take good care of the plant if you are fortunate enough to have one.


Licuala grandis is a popular tropical plant known for its large, round, and fan-like leaves. In addition to its ornamental value, there are a few potential benefits to caring for this plant:

  • Air purification: Licuala grandis, like many other plants, can help to purify the air by removing toxins and pollutants.

  • Stress relief: The presence of plants in a room can have a calming effect and help to reduce stress.

  • Increased humidity: The plant releases moisture into the air through a process called transpiration, which can help to increase the humidity in a room. This can be particularly beneficial during the dry winter months.

  • Increased oxygen: Plants produce oxygen through a process called photosynthesis, which can help to increase the amount of oxygen in a room. This can be beneficial for people with respiratory issues.

  • Decorative: The large and attractive leaves of Licuala grandis make it an attractive addition to any room. It can be used as a standalone plant or combined with other tropical plants to create an exotic-looking display.

Please be aware that, Licuala grandis is not very common in cultivation and also it is slow-growing, so it may take some patience to see these benefits. It is also important to be mindful of proper care and maintenance, including providing the plant with adequate lighting, humidity, and watering, as well as protection from cold temperatures.