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Trees, Medicinal Plants
Magnoliaceae or Magnolia family
Sun growing, Semi shade
Normal, Can tolerate more
Primarily grown for:
Flowering season:
Flowers in flushes throughout the year
Flower or Inflorescence color:
Foliage color:
Plant Height or length:
More than 12 meters
Plant Spread or Width:
8 to 12 meters
Plant Form:
Spreading, Upright or Erect
Special Character:
  • Indigenous (native to India)
  • Fragrant flowers or leaves
  • Auspicious or Feng Shui plant
  • Good for Cut flowers
  • Plant for puja or prayer flower or leaves
  • Good for screening
  • Attracts birds
  • Recommended for creating shade
  • Quick growing trees
  • Evergreen trees
  • Suitable for avenue planting
  • Grows best in humid and warm regions
  • Must have for Farm house or big gardens
Generally available in India in quantities of:
Over hundreds

Plant Description:

- Yellow to light orange flower fairly large growing up to 5 to 6 cms long.
- The leaves are ovate in shape and up to 30 cm long, 10 cm wide.
- Origin Himalayas, India and China.
- Evergreen tree.
- Special reverence by the Hindus and is considered sacred to the god Vishnu.
- Commonly planted around Hindu and Jain temples.
- Various concoctions are prepared to treat kidney disease and to relieve inflamed eyes.
- Timber is also popular for making tea boxes.
- Also used for domestic fuel for these reasons, this species is becoming rare in the wild.
- Michelia is named in honour of Peter Antonio Micheli a Florentine botanist.
- Champaca is the Sanskrit name of the tree.
- The bark is browsed by deer. Parakeets and other birds devour the seeds.
- Champa oil used in perfumery.

Growing tips:

- Grafted plants are recommended as they flower much earlier and stay more compact. Eventually however they grow to become a large tree.
- Plants can also be grown in large pots and enjoyed in places without ground space.
- Prefers rich soil that is slightly acidic.
- Prefers moderate temperature and high humidity.
- Planted in gardens and protected places.
- Plants cannot stand waterlogged condition even for a short period.
- Should be planted on western sides of homes as the fragrance in spring, summer and monsoon is divine.
- Flowers can be used as a room freshner or car perfume. Just a couple of flowers in a dish will make the entire room fragrant.