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Stunning Murraya Paniculata Calcutta Kamini Plant - Buy Now and Add Beauty to Your Garden!

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Common name:

Murraya Paniculata

Regional name:
Marathi - Kunti, Marchula Juti, Pandari; Hindi - Kamini, Marchula; Bengali - Kamini; Kannada - Angarakana Gida, Pandry; Oriya - Ban Mallika Harkankali; Tamil - Konji; Telugu - Kareparu, Nagagolunga.
Shrubs, Trees
Rutaceae or Lemon family

Murraya paniculata, also known as Orange Jasmine or Mock Orange, is a tropical, evergreen plant native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia. This flowering plant is highly prized for its sweet fragrance, beautiful white flowers, and small, red, ornamental fruits.

Planting Murraya Paniculata

To plant a Murraya Paniculata:

  1. Choose a well-drained location that receives plenty of sun. Murraya paniculata prefers full sun to partial shade.
  2. Prepare a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the plant's root ball.
  3. Place the plant in the hole and backfill with a mixture of soil and compost.
  4. Water deeply and consistently until the plant is established.

Growing Murraya Paniculata

Murraya paniculata is a fast-growing plant that can reach heights of 2 to 4 meters. It prefers a humid, warm climate but can tolerate brief periods of cold. Murraya paniculata can be grown as a shrub or a small tree and is often used as a hedging plant because of its dense foliage.

Murraya Paniculata Care

  1. Watering: Murraya paniculata enjoys consistently moist soil but does not do well in overly wet conditions. Ensure the plant has good drainage to prevent waterlogged soil.
  2. Fertilizing: Apply a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to promote healthy growth. Murraya paniculata appreciates an extra boost of nutrients during this period.
  3. Pruning: This plant benefits from regular pruning to maintain a desirable shape. Prune after flowering to encourage bushier growth and more flowers in the following season.
  4. Pest Control: Keep an eye out for common pests like aphids and mites. Regular inspection and immediate treatment can prevent severe infestations.

Benefits of Murraya Paniculata

  1. Ornamental Value: With its beautiful, fragrant flowers and attractive foliage, Murraya paniculata makes an excellent addition to gardens and landscapes.
  2. Hedging and Privacy: Because of its dense foliage and quick growth, it serves as an effective privacy hedge.
  3. Air Purification: Like many plants, Murraya paniculata helps improve air quality by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen.
  4. Medicinal Uses: In traditional medicine, parts of the plant have been used to treat various ailments, though more research is needed in this area.