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Buy the Exotic Parijat Tree - A Rare Night-Blooming Beauty for Your Garden

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Common name:
Coral Jasmine, Night Jasmine, Har Singar, Tree Of Sorrow
Regional name:
Marathi - Parijat, Gujarati - Parijat, Hindi - Harsinghar, Malayalam - Parijatukam, Telugu - Parjatamu, Bengali - Sephalika, Harsinghar, Seuli, Tamil - Manjatpu Pavelam
Shrubs, Trees
Oleaceae or Olive or Jasmine family
Sun growing, Semi shade
Normal, Can tolerate less, Can tolerate more
Primarily grown for:
Flowering season:
January, August, September, October, November, December, Flowers in flushes throughout the year
Flower or Inflorescence color:
White, Orange
Foliage color:
Plant Height or length:
4 to 6 meters
Plant Spread or Width:
2 to 4 meters
Plant Form:
Upright or Erect, Weeping
Estimated Life Span:
Very long lived
Special Character:
  • Indigenous (native to India)
  • Fragrant flowers or leaves
  • Auspicious or Feng Shui plant
  • Plant for puja or prayer flower or leaves
  • Good for screening
  • Good for Hedges and Borders
  • Evergreen trees
  • Hanging or weeping growth habit
  • Must have for Farm house or big gardens
Generally available in India in quantities of:
Over hundreds

Plant Description:

- Origin from India to Java.
- Is planted in all large gardens in Maharashtra - often near the tulsi plant.
- Evergreen shrub or tree.
- 5-6 m tall.
- Flowers open towards the evening to night and drop the next morning.
- The fallen flowers look like a decorative carpet has been spread on the floor.
- The branches bend down with the weight of the flowers and buds.
- Wood usually of small calliper.

Growing tips:

- Soil - fertile and having good drainage.
- Widely planted in gardens and temples for its fragrant blooms.
- It is a very popular flowering plant in warm, humid regions.
- Often associated with snakes. The plant has many shoots from soil level and this does provide a good location for snakes to shed their skin. However the plant can be very easily trained to have only one trunk till 4 to 5 feet high and then branching can be allowed. This will definately keep the snakes away.