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Beautiful Frangipani Collection | Plumeria acutifolia, Champa Yellow and White, West Indian Jasmine, Temple Tree Available for Sale

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Rs. 99.00
Common name:
Champa Yellow And White, West Indian Jasmine, Temple Tree, Frangipani
Regional name:
Marathi - Khairchapha, Hindi - Chameli, Gul-e-chin, Bengali - Dalama Phula, Kannada - Kadusampage, Gujarati - Aholo Champo, Tamil - Perungali, Telugu - Arbataganneru
Trees, Shrubs
Apocynaceae or Plumeria or Oleander family

Plumeria acutifolia, commonly known as the Frangipani tree, is a tropical tree native to Central America, but can now be found in many tropical regions of the world. It is a deciduous tree that produces an abundance of fragrant, vibrant flowers in shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, and red.


Plumeria acutifolia can be propagated through cuttings or by planting seeds. It is a slow-growing tree that prefers well-drained soil, warm temperatures, and plenty of sunlight. The tree can grow up to 20 feet tall and is often trained as a shrub or bonsai.


The tree requires regular watering, but it should be allowed to dry out between watering to avoid root rot. It is also important to fertilize regularly with a balanced fertilizer to encourage healthy growth and abundant flowering. Pruning is necessary to keep the tree from becoming too large and to encourage branching.


Plumeria acutifolia is an ornamental tree that provides shade, attracts pollinators, and provides an attractive focal point in a garden. Its fragrant flowers are also used to make lei necklaces and perfumes in Hawaii. The tree is also believed to have medicinal properties, such as being a remedy for headaches, stress, and depression.

Overall, the Plumeria acutifolia tree is a versatile and beautiful tree that adds a tropical feel to any garden or landscape. With proper care and attention, it can provide a stunning display of fragrant flowers and offer a multitude of benefits.