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Solanum nigrum,Black Night Shade, Makoy, Deadly Nightshade, Garden Nightshade, Kakamachi.

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Common name:
Black Night Shade, Makoy, Deadly Nightshade, Garden Nightshade, Kakamachi.
Regional name:
Bengali - Gurkamai, Gujarati - Piludi, Kannada - Kempukachi, Malayalam - Melaguthakkali, Marathi - Kangani, Sanskrit - Kakamachi, Tamil - Munatakali, Telugu - Kachchipundu
Shrubs, Medicinal Plants
Solanaceae or Potato family
Sun growing, Semi shade
Normal, Can tolerate more
Primarily grown for:
Fruit or Seed
Flowering season:
Flowers are inconspicuous
Foliage color:
Very dark green almost black
Plant Height or length:
50 cms to 100 cms
Plant Spread or Width:
50 cms to 100 cms
Plant Form:
Spreading, Upright or Erect

Plant Description:

Its erect, angular, branching stem grows 1 to 2 feet high and may be glabrous or covered with inward- bent hairs. The leaves are alternate, dark green, ovate, and wavy-toothed or nearly entire. The fruit is a many-seeded, pea-sized, purple or black berry.
- It rarely grows more than a foot or so in height and is much branched, generally making a bushy-looking mass.
- The flowers have petals greenish to whitish, recurved when aged and surround prominent bright yellow anthers.

Growing tips:

- Not generally planted in gardens.
- Is almost in weed in certain areas.
- We have featured it here as it is used as a medicinal plant.
- In case plants are to grown - they are faily simple to grow.
They will grow in most soils if given adequate water.
Plants grow in sun as well as shade.