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Buy Syzygium malaccense Plant - The Delicious White Jaam and Malay Rose Apple Tree for Your Garden

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Common name:
Water Apple, White Jaam, Malay Rose Apple
Regional name:
Marathi - Jambhul, Hindi - Jamun, Bengali - Jam, Gujrati - Jambu, Kannada - Nerale, Malayalam - Naval, Tamil - Neredam, Telugu - Neereedu, Urdu - Jaman.
Fruit Plants, Trees
Myrtaceae or Jamun or Eucalyptus family

1. Introduction to Syzygium malaccense 'White Fruit'

Syzygium malaccense, commonly known as Malay Apple or Mountain Apple, is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. The 'White Fruit' variety is a cultivar of this species, known for its unique, white-colored fruits.

2. Plant Description

  • Evergreen tree
  • Height: 30-50 feet (9-15 meters)
  • Spread: 20-35 feet (6-10 meters)
  • Leaves: Glossy, dark green
  • Flowers: Large, showy, red or pink
  • Fruits: White, fleshy, and juicy

3. Planting and Growing Conditions

  • Climate: Tropical, subtropical
  • Hardiness Zones: 10-12
  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile, slightly acidic (pH 5.5-6.5)
  • Light: Full sun to partial shade
  • Water: Regular, moderate

4. Plantation

  • Time: Late spring or early summer
  • Spacing: 15-25 feet (4.5-7.5 meters) apart
  • Method: Seeds or cuttings

5. Growing and Maintenance

  • Fertilization: Balanced, slow-release fertilizer every 2-3 months
  • Pruning: Annually, remove dead or weak branches, maintain shape
  • Pest and Disease Control: Regularly check for pests and treat with appropriate pesticides if necessary

6. Harvesting

  • Fruits: 2-4 years after planting
  • Method: Hand-picking when ripe, usually 3-4 months after flowering

7. Benefits of Syzygium malaccense 'White Fruit'

  • Culinary: Fresh consumption, jams, jellies, desserts, salads
  • Nutritional: Rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants
  • Medicinal: Traditional medicine uses for various ailments
  • Ornamental: Attractive foliage, flowers, and fruit

8. Additional Tips

  • Avoid over-watering, as it can lead to root rot
  • Provide wind protection, as strong winds can cause branch breakage
  • Plant with companion plants like citrus, avocado, or banana for increased biodiversity and natural pest control