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Common name:
Terminalia Mantaly
Trees, Shrubs
Combretaceae or Terminalia family

The Terminalia Mantaly, otherwise known as the Umbrella Tree, is a large, tropical tree that originates from Madagascar. It is well-known for its distinct, umbrella-like shape, brilliant foliage, and rapid growth. The tree is highly valued both for its ornamental beauty and its many environmental benefits.

Plantation of Terminalia Mantaly

The Terminalia Mantaly is a warm-weather tree that thrives in full sun and well-drained soils. It can tolerate a wide range of soil types, including sandy, loamy, and clay soils. The tree is typically grown from seeds, which should be sown in a sunny spot. Germination usually occurs within two weeks. Once germinated, seedlings should be nurtured in a protected environment before being planted out into the landscape.

Growing Terminalia Mantaly

After planting, the Terminalia Mantaly typically takes a few years to fully establish and begin rapid growth. It's essential to keep the soil moderately moist during the tree's growth stage, and regular watering is necessary in the dry season. Terminalia Mantaly also prefers a slightly acidic to neutral pH range, and annual fertilization can enhance growth.

Care of Terminalia Mantaly

Pruning is a critical care aspect of maintaining the Terminalia Mantaly. The tree's iconic umbrella shape is achieved through careful and regular pruning, particularly during the early years of growth. This should be done annually or as necessary to maintain the tree's shape. Despite its tropical origins, the Terminalia Mantaly is relatively hardy and can withstand a certain degree of frost. However, protection from heavy frost is advisable, particularly for younger trees.

Benefits of Terminalia Mantaly

Beyond its ornamental value, the Terminalia Mantaly offers several environmental benefits. It's an excellent choice for urban and suburban landscapes due to its tolerance of pollution and ability to provide shade and reduce urban heat. Additionally, the tree is highly useful for soil conservation, as its extensive root system helps prevent soil erosion. Terminalia Mantaly is also known for its potential medicinal properties; the bark and leaves are traditionally used in natural medicine for their anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal properties.